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Sisters Hasna and Mariam share a tight bond through their tough upbringing in Paris. Shattering and traumatic experiences puts a strain on their relationship and Hasna, the oldest, struggles to find a sense of belonging and identity as a consequence. Her inner conflict leads to fatal events that shocks the entire world.

You Resemble Me is award-winning journalist and filmmaker Dina Amer’s directorial debut. The film is based in the real events of Hasna Aït Boulahcen’s life, who was mistakenly labelled “Europe's first female suicide bomber” after her death in 2015. Amer interviewed family members, friends and others in Hasna’s circle to understand who she was and why her life ended the way it did. Through her humane approach, Amer manages to convey the tragedy in a dignified way. Spike Lee and Spike Jonze have been involved in the production of this film, which is tense, heartbreaking, and experimental in several ways – Amer combines documentary and fiction, and uses three different actors, including herself, to portray the adult Hasna. You Resemble Me places itself in an intersection between psychological thriller, social drama and investigative documentary.

Selma Benmalek


Dina Amer is a New York-based Egyptian-American filmmaker and journalist. She has worked as a correspondent for VICE and been published in The New York Times, CNN and The Huffington Post, and helped produce the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square (2013). You Resemble Me is her directorial debut.

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Original title You Resemble Me

Country USA, France, Egypt

Year 2021

Director Dina Amer

Screenplay Dina Amer, Omar Mullick

Cinematography Omar Mullick

Producer Dina Amer, Karim Amer, Elizabeth Woodward

Cast Mouna Soualem, Sabrina Ouazani, Dina Amer, Lorenza Grimaudo, Ilonna Grimaudo

Production Company The Othrs, VICE/RYOT

Runtime 1h 30m

Language English, Arabic, French

Subtitles English

Age limit 15

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