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The Teacher

THE TEACHER wins the audience award.

Palestinian THE TEACHER, directed by Farah Nabulsi, won the audience award at Arab Film Days this year.

Wedding in galilee

Fokus: Visit Palestine

This year’s focus, «Visit Palestine» at Arab Film Days, consists of new films in combination with a captivating retrospective on Palestinian cinema.

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Festival passes and punch cards are for sale!

If you're planning to watch many movies at the festival, buying festival passes and punch cards is now possible.

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Love to go to the cinema? Sign up as a volunteer for Arab Film Days!

The 14th edition of Arab Film Days takes place from 10 - 14 April, and we need committed volunteers who want to contribute to creating a film…

The last Queen


A great diversity of films characterizes this year's festival edition


REBEL is this year's closing film

This years closing film is REBEL, and the actor Aboubakr Bensaihi is visiting us

Boy from heaven

This year's opening film is BOY FROM HEAVEN!

Arabic film days will be opened by the political thriller Boy From Heaven. It is a gripping exploration of the complicated and corrupt relationship…

MG 4739

Arab party at Vippa!

Welcome to an arab party at Vippa 3. March! Experience the best of arab film, music and food. Arab Film Days is warming up to the festival with a…

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Festival pass for sale

Make sure to get you festival pass for the 13 edition of Arab Film Days

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Thank you for your participation!

Arab Film Days finally returned to the cinema this year. We want to thank everyone involved for making this edition an amazing experience!