Digital Festival

Visit Arab Film Days from your own living room!

This year, Arab Film Days will be an all-digital festival. The festival period has been extended to a full week from March 11–17, and the festival program comprises 18 high-quality films from and about the Arab world, in addition to a number of exciting digital events for those interested in learning more about the themes and countries in focus at this year's festival. There will be exciting panels, conversations and personal greetings from the filmmakers behind selected films.

You'll find the digital screening platform here.

The complete festival program will be available to rent on our digital platform from March 5. It is already possible to rent films, but they will be available to watch when the festival starts aon March 11 at 09:00 a.m. When you have rented a film, you can start playing it whenever you want during the festival. N.B: The film is available to watch for 24 hours after you have first started playing it.

The price per film is 79,-. We offer film bundles with severeal films that can be rented together at a discounted price.

Digital events and conversations can also be found on Arab Film Days' website and facebook page. Follow the festival event on facebook to stay up to date on the latest news about the festival.

Festival app

We want it to be as easy as possible to watch films during the festival, and have developed a festival app! The app is called "Arabiske filmdager" and can be downloaded from Apple App Store. Soon, it will also be available in Google Play Store.

With the app you can easily stream the festival films. All you have to do is create an account on our digital platform and rent the films you want to watch. The films must be rented on the digital festival platform – the app can only be used for streaming.

When you have rented a film, log in to the app and you'll be able to stream the film on your phone, on your ipad or on your TV.

To stream films from the app to your TV, you must use either Airplay or Chromecast. Tap the film you want to play and you'll see an Airplay or Chromecast icon in the corner of the screen.

Tap the icon – the movie should now appear on your TV.

Enjoy streaming!

App bilde mindre

Age limits

All films screened digitally as a part of Films from the South have age limits. You can read about them on the film pages on our programme site, and on our digital platform. Information about age limits in general can be found at Medietilsynet.


You can find information about each film’s subtitles on the film page on our program site, and on our digital platform.