The Egyptian woman Hanan can not have children. Hanan have tried everything the western medical sciences can offer a poor Egyptian woman, and has followed all the advice from the superstitious local community - unsuccessfully. Although Hanan has a great attitude the bitterness of childlessness increases in step with the modest hopes of pregnancy continually crushed. For in the dusty village south of Egypt where Hanan lives children are the very essence of life and womanhood. And for Hanan the meaning of life seems as empty as her own womb. Mother of the Unborn is a dire portrait of longing. By providing a rich and nuanced description of a small exposed community in the South where pre-Islamic superstitions are alive and well.

Conversation with director Nadine Salib after the screenings on Saturday 18th at 3.15 PM and Sunday 19th April at 7 PM.

Original title Um Ghayeb

Year 2014

Director Nadine SALIB

Screenplay Maartje ALDERS, Nadine SALIB

Runtime 1h 24m

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