Fokus: Visit Palestine

This year’s focus, «Visit Palestine» at Arab Film Days, consists of new films in combination with a captivating retrospective on Palestinian cinema.

It's not just about watching movies; it's about diving into a world of rich cultural heritage and poignant storytelling.

The decision to organize a retrospective on Palestinian cinema at the festival is both symbolic and pragmatic, addressing the cultural and political needs of the moment. In the current context of ongoing war crimes and possible genocide, and growing challenges for the recognition of Palestinian identity, Palestinian cinema holds particular significance.

By choosing to highlight Palestinian cinema at the festival, we, as a programming team, testify our commitment to cultural diversity and freedom of expression.

Palestinian cinema contributes to broadening our understanding of the reality of life in Palestine and raising awareness among the public about the challenges Palestinians face.

With different masterpieces featuring each day during the festival, there's something for everyone to discover and rediscover. Join us as we celebrate the diverse tapestry of Palestinian culture and pay homage to the visionary filmmakers who have captured the essence of Palestinian history and identity.

– Lynda Belkhiria, Johanne Svendsen Rognlien, Mads Wølner Voss, Ingvild Vaale Arnesen, Lasse Skagen, Jenny Karlsen Lynne –