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A mother and child is ostracised to save her family's honour. Soula Bahri is a tour de force in this poignant and painful story based on the actress's own life.

Soula is the story of a single mother whose father expelled her, leaving her homeless with her baby. Her friends, who mainly come from conservative families themselves, cannot offer her a place to stay, so to avoid roaming the streets at night, she finds herself going from one car to another with friends and strangers looking for a safe place to stay the night. Throughout a night full of unfortunate events along the roads of Algeria, Soula tries her best to change her destiny, but fate has another plan. Inspired by a true story of a single mother who faced tremendous social pressures. This hybrid between an action and a roadmovie gives hope to all women out there to rise up during painful times and struggles.


Salah Issaad is an Algerian filmmaker who studied film aththe University of Paris and ARFIS in Lyon. Issaad directed the short Je Suis Cyrano in 2020. Soula is his first feature film, and had its premiere at the 2021 Red Sea Film Festival, and has gone on to several prizes at international film festivals.

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Original title سولا

Country Algeria, France

Year 2021

Director Salah Issaad

Screenplay Salah Issaad, Soula Bahri

Cinematography Arthur Fanget

Producer Salah Issaad

Cast Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, Franck Yvrai

Production Company Issaad Film Productions

Runtime 1h 32m

Language Arabic

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 15

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This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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