Fri 17.03
18:00 - 18:55

What can we do to stop the war in Yemen? An engaging documentarist pokes into our complacency and apathy towards injustice that does directly impact our daily lives.

Filmmaker Tanja Holm takes to the streets of Stockholm to ask passers-by what we should do with the war in Yemen. The reactions and answers she gets are both disheartening and entertaining at the same time.


Tanja Holm (b.1981) is Swedish journalist, author and filmmaker. She has a Master of Fine Arts from Stockholm University of the Arts, where she also studied documentary cinematography. Holm lived five years in Yemen, and upon her return to Sweden she wrote the book Yemen is good!. She directs documentaries and animations, among other themes about the war in Yemen. Her work has been screened at festivals and galleries both in Sweden and abroad. Her latest short Twerk For Yemen premiered at the filmfestival in Gothenburg in 2022.

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Original title Twerka for Jemen

Country Sweden

Year 2022

Director Tanja Holm

Screenplay Tanja Holm

Cinematography Tanja Holm

Producer Tanja Holm

Runtime 10m

Language Swedish, Arabic

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary, Short Film

Age limit 12

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