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Mica is the oldest child of a family living in one of the poorest suburbs of Meknès in Morocco. When their father can no longer support the family, Mica is sent to Casablanca to make a living by assisting the janitor at an upscale tennis club. During long days cleaning and tidying, Mica watches the richer part of the city swing their rackets in expensive attire. One day he finds a broken racket in the garbage bins, and while trying it out he is observed by Sophia, a former tennis champion who now instructs the children of the city’s elite. Sophia takes an interest in the young janitor assistant who might have a flair for tennis, and Mica eyes a hope of joining the game along children far above his social standing. But not everyone is equally keen to include the “riff raff” in their game.

Mica is a feel-good film from the tennis court, but apart from the usual sport film tropes, it tells a much deeper story of social strata and the steps that are possible to climb if only one person sees you.

Gjermund Granlund


Ismaël Ferroukhi (f. 1962) er en fransk-marokkansk regissør og manusforfatter. Han debuterte med kortfilmen L’Exposé, som vant Kodak-prisen under filmfestivalen i Cannes i 1993. Ferroukhi har regissert spillefilmene Le grand voyage (2004), som vant prisen The Lion of the Future under filmfestivalen i Venezia, og Les hommes libres (2011). Mica er hans tredje spillefilm.

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Focus: Morocco Fiction

Country Morocco

Year 2020

Director Ismaël Ferroukhi

Screenplay Fadette Drouard, Ismaël Ferroukhi

Cinematography Eva Sehet

Producer Denis Carot, Lamia Chraibi, Marie Masmonteil, Ulysse Payet

Cast Sabrina Ouazani, Azelarab Kaghat, Zakaria Inan

Produksjonsselskap Elzévir Films, La Prod

Runtime 1h 43m

Language Moroccan Arabic, French

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Age limit 9

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