Arab party at Vippa!

Welcome to an arab party at Vippa 3. March! Experience the best of arab film, music and food. Arab Film Days is warming up to the festival with a traditional evening, with a film screening and a concert at Vippa in Oslo.

15:00 - Aleppo Bahebek, Marrakech and the other food stands opens and sell food and drink throughout the day
- Movie screening of Tel Aviv On Fire (100 min) - with english subtitles
ca. 21:00
- Concert with Atlas Band

It is free entrance to the film and the concert, arrive well in advance to secure a good seat.

We will show the brilliant satiric comedy Tel Aviv On Fire. This is also a perfect opportunity to get a preview of this year's festival programme

Food stands Aleppo Bahebek and Marrakech will serve mouth-watering specialities from Syria and Morocco, and dishes from the rest of the world will also be served at the other food stands at Vippa.

There will of course also be a concert with Atlas Band. This unique concert is not something to be missed, and we guarantee high temperatures and a good atmosphere among the band’s faithful, dance-loving audience.

The film has a 12 year age limit

If you are 5 or more and wish to reserve a seat, you can do that here. Welcome!

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Arabian party at Vippa is a partnership between Arab Film Days, Vippa, Aleppo Bahebek, Marrakech and Atlas Band

About Tel Aviv On Fire:
A brilliant satirical comedy with a humorous look at Palestine and the Israeli occupation. We follow Salam, who works on the production of “Tel Aviv on Fire”, a soap-opera which is immensely popular both in Israel and in the Palestinian territories. Tel Aviv on Fire is a brilliant debut film from Palestinian director Sameh Zoabi.

About Atlas band:
We have for many years arranged tremendous parties in cooperation with Atlas band, which is led by Abdel Ali Boubadillah. Atlas band was established in 1994, and is strongly inspired by the Moroccan cultural heritage and Arabian African music. Among other things the band plays gnawa, chaabi, rai, classical Arabic music and folk music, and will this evening be serving us a taste from the Middle East’s rich music tradition, from Iraq in the east to Morocco in the west.

About Arab Film Days:
On 15.-19. March 2023 Arab Film Days will be held for the 13. time. During the festival's five days, you can let yourself sink into the cinemaseat with movies that engage, touch, enlighten and make you smile. There will be over 20 movies from and about the Arab world, and we also invite you to interesting debates, visits from filmmakers, and of course parties and other fun. Follow this years event here.