A family is tested when the mother becomes pregnant with a child they cannot afford. This rare drama from Yemen is a realistic portrait of a family's struggle for survival in a war-torn country.

Ahmed and Isra, parents of three children, face a difficult choice when they discover that Isra is pregnant with a fourth child. Limited finances and a lack of employment mean they don’t have the means to raise another child. Thus, their struggle begins, against societal prejudices and acceptance of their own choice.

Through a calm style and natural light, the film captures the essence of the city of Aden and gives us the feeling of observing the couple's everyday life up close. The calm camera movements underscore the feeling of unrest and highlight the characters’ mental strain. These authentic narrative techniques make you feel and experience every moment and emotion of this personal journey.

Christina Svien


Amr Gamal is a theater and film director from Aden, Yemen. In 2018, he made his debut feature, 10 Days Before the Wedding. The film received a very positive reception. The Burdened made history as the first film from Yemen to be screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. It has also been selected as Yemen’s submission for the Oscars.

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Original title المرهقون (Al Murhaqoon)

Country Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia

Year 2023

Director Amr Gamal

Screenplay Amr Gamal, Mazen Refaat

Cinematography Mrinal Desai

Producer Mohsen Alkhalifi, Amr Gamal

Cast haled Hamdan, Abeer Mohammed, Samah Alamrani, Awsam Abdulrahman, Shahd Algonfedy, Islam Saleem, Roaa Al-Hamshari

Production Company Adenium Productions

Distribution Films Boutique

Runtime 1h 31m

Language Arabic

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 12

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