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Through conversations with employees and customers in the country’s first lingerie shop, we get a strong insight into the life as a young woman in today’s Kurdistan.

Melancholy Kurdish music sets the tone as we step into the first lingerie shop in a modern shopping mall in the Kurdish part of Iraq. The underwear hangs throughout the store. We follow the two women who work there and meet their local customers. From the fitting room in the store, we hear stories from family life where loyalty to the family stands strong, and established conservative traditions set moral boundaries for the female population.

Up To G-Cup is a powerful and brave documentary by Dutch director Jacqueline Van Vugt. Allowing women’s voices to be heard is one of the film’s many qualities. A fascinating film about the lack of equality in a male-dominated society. The film won the critic’s award for best documentary at the National Dutch Film Festival.

Ronny Rype


Jacqueline Van Vugt (b. 1970) graduated as Director of Photography from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Her filmography consists mainly of short films and documentaries. The film Borders (2013) deals with human trafficking and refugees from Nigeria to Europe. Borders won the FIPRESCI award in 2014 and was nominated for the Silver Horn for best documentary the same year.

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Focus: Kurdistan Documentary

Original title Up To G-Cup

Country Irak

Year 2021

Director Jacqueline Van Vogt

Screenplay Jacqueline Van Vogt

Producer Germen Boelens, Raymond Van Der Kaaij

Runtime 1h 21m

Language Arabic, Kurdisk, English

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary

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This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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