Dedicating a space for short films in the festival is an effective way to raise awareness about a new generation of filmmakers. We have selected five Palestinian short films that together will give the audience new perspectives on one of the region’s most complex areas.

Area C
Director: Salah Abu Nimah // Length: 10 min

Area C is an area on the West Bank where the Palestinian police force has no authority. Surrounded by Israeli settlers the young boy Hussain tries to protect his house and his parents from the occupation.

Director: Wisam Al Jafari // Length: 15 min

How is it possible to record a music album without having access to a soundproof studio in a country that never sleeps? This is one of the more trivial challenges two young men in a Palestinian refugee camp encounter.

The White Elephant
Director: Shuruq Harb // Length: 12 min

By using images, taken from the internet of Israelis during the Gulf War, the first intifada and at music festivals, director Shuruq Harb creates an authentic atmosphere of what it meant to be a Palestinian teenager in the 90s.

Director: Yassmina Karajah // Length: 18 min

We meet four Arab teenagers who try to adjust to a new way of living in Canada. The characters are played by amateur actors who themselves have experienced war, and through the production of the short film they process their own losses.

A Drowning Man
Director: Mahdi Fleifel // Length: 15 min

Alone and far from home we get acquainted with The Boy wandering around in a foreign town. He is forced to make compromises to survive in a hostile environment. The only question is: How far can he go?

Year 2018

Director Salah Abu Nimah, Wisam Al Jafari, Shuruq Harb, Yassmina Karajah, Mahdi Fleifel

Runtime 1h 10m