Rock the Casbah is an entertaining family drama filled with famous actors. Some claim that the movie is a subtle criticism of patriarchy, but that is a well-exaggerated claim. During three days, in a luxurious villa outside Tanger in Morocco, we meet the wife and daughters of the wealthy patriarch Moulay Hassan, who has recently passed away.

The women meet for the first time in a long time, and it's easy to understand that they are not particularly fond of each other. While the Muslim funeral rituals are carried out, we get to know the problems these women carry beneath their dolled up surfaces, and not surprisingly it turns out that the women have quite a lot in common after all.

The movie is not especially deep and the daughters might seem a bit pubertal and spoiled at times, even though they are over 30 years old. However, the movie works as enjoyable entertainment.

“A strong cast of North African and Middle Eastern stars highlight this stirring sophomore effort from "Marock" director Laila Marrakchi.” - Hollywood Reporter

Original title Rock the Casbah

Year 2013

Director Laïla MARRAKCHI

Cast Morjana ALAOUI, Nadine LABAKI, Lubna AZABAL, Hiam ABBAS, Omar SHARIF

Runtime 1h 40m

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