Sat 19.03
16:00 - 17:17
Vika 1

After the screening of the documentary Living Water Saturday March 19th at 16:00 we invite to a conversation about the water shortage in the Arab world and about water as a basic human right, based on the situation in Jordan.

Living Water revolves around the water politics in Jordan, one of the countries in one of the world's countries most affected by water scarcity. As a result of conflicts in neighboring countries Syria, Iraq and Palestine, Jordan has experienced a mass influx of refugees. This has led to an increase in the country's population and an enormous pressure on the infrastructure of the country. As Living Water depicts there is also a skewed distribution of the water resources.

Last year UNICEF reported that 9 out 10 children in the Arab region are located in areas suffering from water shortage, and this poses a major risk for their health and development. Water pollution and consumption by non-renewable natural resources contributes to a dark view of the future.

Participating in the conversation are H.E. Muhib Nimrat, the Ambassador of Jordan in Norway and Diego Alexander Foss, board member in The Association for International Water Studies (FIVAS). The moderator for the conversation is Chiara Ayad, board member in Masahat.

The conversation is a collaboration between Arab Film Days, Masahat - Open Spaces for Arab Culture in Exile مساحات and The Association for International Water Studies, and will be in English.

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