Sat 19.03
19:00 - 20:22
Vika 1
Memory Box Closing Celebration Buy tickets

We welcome you to the the closing night of the festival, with award ceremony, film and party.

After the announcement of the festival competition winner, we will show this year's closing film Memory Box, a beautiful drama that is permeated by a contagious energy.

After the screening we welcome you to the closing party – after four days of sitting in the cinema, it's time to stretch your legs and move your body when the basement at Vika kino is transformed into a dancefloor, with DJ Daeva on the decks!

In collaboration with Storytelling Media

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Nasim aka DJ Daeva is an Oslo-based artist and DJ, born and raised in Tehran.

Since 2004, DJ Daeva has performed at Oslo's club and festival venues, such as Cosmopolite, Blå, Khartoum, Godthåb, Arab Film Days, Salt, Riksscenen, Mela Festival, Oslo Pride, Nobel fredspris fakkeltog, to name a few. During lockdown Daeva has biked through Oslo on her DJ bike and played music in the city's streets. She plays rhythms from all corners of the world, primarily from the Middle East and the African continent.

In collaboration with Storytelling Media