Festivalguide - get ready for the festival!

We have gathered some useful tips to make sure you get the most out of the festival.

Special Offers
During the festival you will get 10% off at MammaPizza if you show your festival ticket. Mamma Pizza is located close to Vika Kino, the address is Ruseløkkveien 26. 

Audience Award
At this year’s festival we will be having an Audience Award. Everyone who visits the festival can vote on their favorite film during the festival. A link to the voting will be available on our website Wednesday 15th of March.

Plan your festival with «My films»
If you plan on watching several films during the festival it is a good idea to create an account and plan your festival with the My films function.

  1. Start by creating a user account.

  2. Save all films you want to watch on the program page or from the various films' film pages. Click the heart in the lower right corner of the film still on the program page, or to the right of the screening time on the film page.

  3. When you go back to «My films» all the films you have chosen will now be listed here in chronological order.

  4. If two screening times collide a warning pops up. You can then simply switch to a screening that suits you better by clicking «Screenings» below the film you want to change. Note that all screenings are marked with an end time, but from time to time our films will be finished a few minutes after this time.

If you would rather get an overview of the program as a calendar, follow this link, or go to one of our screening locations to pick up a physical pocket program. 

How to navigate the program?

The program page can be found by clicking “Menu” at the top right corner of the website, then select «Program». In the overview you'll find all the festival films sorted by what section they belong to. The various sections only show a selection of the films in this section. To see all films, click «Show everything from...».

Note that changes in the program may occur.

Intros, conversations and events

Some of the festival screenings have events connected to them. A full overview of the events during the festival can be found here, and screenings with events are marked by a ticket icon below the screening time.

In addition to panel discussions and parties some films will have an introduction from a collaborator ahead of the screening, or Q&As with guests after the screening. This makes some screenings last a little longer. Therefore it can be a good idea to make sure you have some extra time between screenings if you are planning on watching more than once during a day, especially if you are watching films in different cinemas in one day. 

During the festival it will be held both introductions, conversations and Q&A’s with all our guests.

Tarik Saleh, the director of Boy From Heaven, will be here, and so will the actor Aboubaker Bensaihi, who plays the main character in this year's closing film Rebel. The directors Mano Kahlil, who directed Neighbours, and Tanja Holm, who directed Twerk For Yemen, will also be visiting. Eliane Raheb, director, and Miguel Jelelaty, the main person in Miguel’s War will also be attending, on both the screening at Nasjonalmuseet and at Vika Kino

Information about tickets

The tickets can be bought by following the «Buy ticket» link from the film pages. The tickets are bought through the cinemas' websites. This means that if you need to refund the ticket, contact the cinema directly.

It is not assigned seating during Films from the South. This means you can sit wherever you want, making it easier to go to the festival with friends without having to buy tickets at the same time.

Did you know that you can get a discount if you are a group of ti or more?

For more information about the group discount, and everything else regarding tickets, follow this link.

What language is the film subtitled in?

You can very simply find out what language the film is subtitled on through the films film page. Scroll down to the technical information, and here you'll find the film's language and subtitle language.